QUESTION: Why do so many of our past and current clients, friends, neighbors, as well as other local attorneys, doctors -- and even judges and court staff -- refer us cases?

ANSWER: Integrity.

We are dedicated to the following core values:

● To make this a safer community by fighting back against texting, distracted, drunk, impaired, and reckless drivers who cause harm on our roadways;

● To support this community through charitable giving and volunteer work; and

● To support our clients as they heal from life-altering injuries, through healing to gratitude, forgiveness and ultimately peace and closure.

If you have you been injured in a high-speed, high-impact vehicle collision, or if a loved one has been tragically killed due to someone else’s reckless, impaired, or distracted driving, get the help you need now.  Call the Levinson Law Group.

Furthermore, consider this:

● Will the collision hinder your ability to work?  

● Did the collision fracture bone or disrupt vital tissue?

● Do you now experience radiating nerve-based pain caused by the collision?

● Are you suffering from sleep loss?

● Do you have headaches or post-concussion symptoms due to collision-based head trauma?

● Is your vehicle incurring unnecessary storage fees at a tow yard?

● Are you worried about who is going to pay for all of this?

You need immediate medical attention and to retain legal counsel.  Get the help you need now. Call the Levinson Law Group today.

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