QUESTION:  Why do so many of our past and current clients, friends, neighbors, as well as other local attorneys, doctors — and even judges and court staff — refer us cases?

ANSWER:  Integrity.

We are dedicated to the following core values:

  • To make this a safer community by fighting back against texting, distracted, drunk, impaired, and reckless drivers who cause harm on our roadways;
  • To support this community through charitable giving and volunteer work; and
  • To support our clients as they heal from life-altering injuries, through healing to gratitude, forgiveness and ultimately peace and closure.

If you have you been injured in a high-speed, high-impact vehicle collision, or if a loved one has been tragically killed due to someone else’s reckless, impaired, or distracted driving, get the help you need now.  Call the Levinson Law Group.

See what our clients have to say about us

  • Will the collision hinder your ability to work?  
  • Did the collision fracture bone or disrupt vital tissue?
  • Do you now experience radiating nerve-based pain caused by the collision?
  • Are you suffering from sleep loss?
  • Do you have headaches or post-concussion symptoms due to collision-based head trauma?
  • Is your vehicle incurring unnecessary storage fees at a tow yard?
  • Are you worried about who is going to pay for all of this?

You need immediate medical attention and to retain legal counsel.  Get the help you need now.  Call the Levinson Law Group today.

When you put the Levinson Law Group on your side after a vehicle collision, you get more than a law firm.  You get an attentive and caring team of attorneys and legal professionals as well as access to our experienced network of physicians to support you through your crisis. Often, we can get you the medical care you need even if you don’t have medical insurance.

We will advise you and help solve your immediate problems, such as:

  • A rental car,
  • Medical care,
  • Your lost wages claim, and
  • Other unexpected problems that have shown up in the aftermath of the incident.

We will give you straight answers to questions like:

  • What’s going to happen at work?
  • Will insurance pay for my medical treatment?
  • How long is all of this going to take?
  • Who are the insurers that are liable to pay for all of this damage?

You need:

  • American Medical Association approved treatment modalities,
  • A clear treatment algorithm,
  • A team of compassionate professionals preparing your legal case,  
  • A reliable law firm that returns your calls and treats you as if you were its only client,
  • A support system to handle the red tape, the insurance adjusters, the police, the hospital, the auto body shops, and many other parties and entities of interest.

The top 5 reasons to make Gordon Levinson your San Diego personal injury lawyer:

  • Knowledge. For years, Gordon Levinson represented the world’s largest insurance companies. Now, he is a top San Diego car accident lawyer ready to put his experience and insider knowledge on your side.
  • Service. Levinson Law Group’s offices have 24/7 phone service. When our operators take your message, Mr. Levinson himself receives a real-time e-mail and will promptly respond to you.  Or send us a message from the website. Either way, you have our promise of a quick response. Let us solve your immediate problems: your damaged vehicle, lost wages and medical bills. Often, we can get you medical care even if you don’t have medical insurance.
  • Integrity. We are not typical ambulance chasers. We are proud to improve our community by holding those who cause harm accountable for their actions.  We are dedicated foot soldiers in the war on drunk, distracted, and reckless driving.  And we stand by our clients through their tragic circumstances through closure and resolution.
  • Track Record. Our accomplishments speak for themselves. Watch our testimonial videos to hear what our clients say about us.
  • Community Commitment.  We give back to our community through charitable donations and volunteer work.   For more information about our charitable activities, click the “Giving Back” tab above, or read about our philanthropic work through the Levinson Foundation.

Why you need a Car accident lawyer

The aftermath of a car accident can be devastating. Most people assume that the insurance companies covering the vehicles involved in the crash are there to help, and that all losses will be fairly and adequately compensated. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case.

There are several reasons why you might not get as much money as you need to cover your costs after a car accident. First of all, the car that hit you might have a minimum amount of insurance, or possibly no insurance at all. Their insurance may not be enough to cover your needs. Second, the insurance company adjusters are primarily interested in saving money, not making sure your needs are met. Third, unless you are a lawyer or an insurance expert, you may not know all of the insurance policies and responsible parties that are available to you to help you recover your costs.

The smartest thing you can do after a car accident is to retain your own personal injury lawyer. Attorneys are sworn officers of the court charged with the legal duty to take all actions in their clients’ best interests. Retaining an experienced San Diego personal injury lawyer after a car accident is like taking an experienced guide to lead you through the legal jungle. The territory can be confusing and treacherous, but your guide will lead you safely to your best outcome.

A consultation with us is free, and you won’t pay us anything until we win your case. In most cases, we even advance the costs. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

The Levinson Law Group is dedicated to eradicating the harm caused to you by distracted driving and drunk driving. We know the most common causes of car accidents and we know the law as set forth in the California Vehicle Code. Put our extensive knowledge to work for you if you have been involved in a car accident and give yourself an advantage over the insurance companies.

Communities We Serve

The Levinson Law Group currently services the following Southern California Communities – Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, and Encinitas. Additionally, is some cases we are able to make house calls anywhere in the state of California.

What Clients are Saying

Mr. Levinson is an extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented, organized and personable attorney. He works very hard at what he does and produces positive results, but more importantly, he always takes the time to make his clients feel relaxed and important, and fully aware of all aspects of their cases. I would highly recommend Gordon Levinson to anyone needing a strong and ethical personal injury attorney.
Rachel LaMar


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