Carlsbad Car Accident Attorney

Carlsbad Car Accident LawyerA vehicle collision can be devastating and confusing, and to most people’s surprise, the insurance companies involved do not always have your best interest in mind. They are not your “good neighbor,” they are not “on your side,” and you are not “in good hands” with them.

If you have been injured in a car accident, or any other type of collision involving a motor vehicle, there are two things you will need to do as soon as possible:

  • Get immediate medical attention, and
  • Retain legal counsel.

These tasks alone are difficult enough, but now you also have to worry about being treated reasonably by the very insurers charged with indemnifying these losses.  Through no fault of your own, you now find yourself in an unwanted war against a powerful adversary.

Insurers advertise aggressively with expensive nationwide television and print ad campaigns.  They feature cute animals like geckos with British accents and familiar sports icons.  They go to great lengths to persuade you that they are “on your side.”

But choose your allies carefully.  Ask yourself:

  • Who benefits financially if I do?
  • And who would prefer that I take as little as possible?

The great Elvis Presley sang: “Only Fools Rush In.”  Never accept an insurer’s first offer.  Their management consultants have taught them to offer what are known as “first-call settlements,” or as most people recognize them to be: quick and cheap lowball offers.  Why is that?

It is sad to say, but it is true.  The insurance companies have one goal: to pay you as little money as possible.  That is a simple business reality.  They know that their first offers are far beneath the true and correct market value of the claims they are trying to settle, yet they make them anyway.  Why is that?

Because they are testing the water.  They want to know if they are dealing with a neophyte.  And they sincerely hope you will accept the first-call settlement offer.

Often when they are most vulnerable, i.e., in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophic event such as an injury-producing car accident, unrepresented citizens find themselves in civil disputes against powerful adversaries who posses unlimited resources and hundreds of years of experience.  To even the playing field, you need an experienced advocate to guide you to satisfactory closure.

In the North County of San Diego, California, the Levinson Law Group is your best choice after a car accident.  We are a different kind of personal-injury law firm, for several reasons:

  • For years, Gordon Levinson used to represent the largest insurance companies in North America.  That means he knows from the inside how insurance companies think.  However, after growing disillusioned with the moral bankruptcy often exhibited by his employers throughout the early stages of his career, Gordon had an awakening and decided to put his years of hard work and training to work for people instead of big corporations.  Especially people on the right side of the disputes he used to wage for the insurers who were invariably on the wrong side of the issue.
  • Ask yourself this:  Was Your Accident Your Fault?  If it was, you will not be one of our clients.
  • Here is How Gordon Levinson’s Experience as a Former Insurance Defense Attorney Benefits You:  The Levinson Law Group is engineered to speak the same language as insurers, yet they are duty-bound by the State Constitution to uphold their clients’ fiduciary interests.  That means they are good at what they do, and they have your back.
  • The Levinson Law Group is a team of personal injury lawyers and other professionals that you would be proud to have represent you.
  • The Levinson Law Group is committed to improving this community by combating the harmful and violent crimes of drunk driving, driving while texting or otherwise distracted, and reckless driving.
  • The Levinson Law Group supports this community through charitable giving and volunteer work.
  • And the Levinson Law Group is committed to fighting for our clients as they persevere through adversity and cope with life-changing injuries.  That is why so many of our current and former clients, doctors, lawyers, judges and other court personnel refer us cases.
  • Why does it matter to you if your law firm is committed to fighting drunk and distracted driving, focused on charity, and dedicated to its clients?  Because it’s important to understand that when you didn’t cause your accident, you are on the right side of the dispute in your case.  So choosing a personal injury law firm that embodies socially responsible values is the right thing to do.
  • Many people in your life may insinuate to you that if you make an injury claim, you are being an opportunist.  But there is no need to be ashamed when you avail yourself of the civil remedy for your loss.  Our civil justice system is based on the principle that if someone causes harm through their negligence, they have to pay for the harm they caused.  If you retain legal counsel to deal with a legal problem, you are not an opportunist.  You are an intelligent problem solver who knows how to delegate complex tasks to the appropriate professionals.
  • The Levinson Law Group practices the Golden Rule – we promise to treat you the same way we wish to be treated ourselves.  We believe in compassion and patience.  Our policy is to return every client phone call every day, and to work on helping our clients as though they were members of our own families.
  • Don’t take our word for it.  Watch our Client Testimonial Videos and listen to what our clients say.
  • Try our brand of superior customer service and see what a difference it makes, and we are confident that you will be satisfied.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people suffer from car accident-related injuries resulting from another person’s mistake or carelessness. In fact, most personal injury lawsuits involve car accidents. Each year, the financial cost of car accidents totals over twenty billion dollars in California according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Injuries sustained from car accidents can pose drastic short and long-term effects on a victim’s life and also the lives of their loved ones.  Personal injury claims resulting from car accidents must be made within a specific time period so it is important to seek legal advice from a reputable personal injury lawyer such as Gordon Levinson immediately.

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Who’s At Fault After an Auto Accident?

In order to recover monetary damages following a car accident, it must be proven that the other driver was at fault for the crash. Some cases are relatively clear and simple to determine who was at fault. For example, if someone rear-ends your vehicle, it is virtually never your fault, regardless of why you stopped. In other cases, however, who is at fault can be more difficult to prove. At the Levinson Law group, we thoroughly examine all available information, such as the traffic collision report, the scene of the accident, the witness statements, the property damage estimates and all available photos to determine who was responsible for the accident.

Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney to Deal with Insurance Companies

When you don’t have a lawyer to represent you, insurance companies typically try to settle cases as quickly and for the lowest dollar amount possible, often offering car accident victims settlements for as little as $500 or $1,000 straight away. If you are not familiar with the insurance claim process, the insurance company will have a major advantage over you. Legal representation by an experienced personal injury lawyer will help prevent an unreasonable settlement and assure that you receive fair compensation for your damages.

Be careful when providing information to an auto insurance company. You are not required to comply with all of the insurance adjuster’s requests. Insurance companies typically request a recorded statement from you, all of your confidential medical and employment records, and they often request that you submit to a medical examination by their doctors. By obtaining all of this information, they are building their case against you! If you have been involved in a car accident it is important you retain a personal injury attorney immediately to help prevent insurance company harassment.  Call the Levinson Law Group today at 1-866-643-HURT (4878) for more information and for your free consultation.

Recovering Damages After an Auto Accident

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to a cash settlement for your pain and suffering, medical bills, property damage, lost current and future earnings and other losses you incurred. An important factor to a successful personal injury case is gathering all of the damages resulting from the car accident and including them in your claim.

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to get both medical and legal help immediately as it can have a major effect on the outcome of your claim. At the Levinson Law Group, you can have the best legal representation available for no money out of your pocket. We work on a contingent fee and offer a free consultation. We will fight to get you justice.

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