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Compassionate And Caring Personal Injury Attorney In Carlsbad, California

Carlsbad Car Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured in a Carlsbad accident? Is your pain interfering with your ability to work and enjoy life? Are you worried that you will never fully recover?  If so, you need the support of reliable personal injury attorneys who treat you as if you were their only client, handling the legal aspects of your personal injury case while you concentrate on your physical and emotional recovery.

You can benefit from insider knowledge of the insurance industry by putting a former insurance company lawyer on your side. Gordon R. Levinson used to represent large insurance companies, and now he uses that knowledge to benefit injured victims as he fights those big insurance companies. We accept cases on a contingent fee. That means that if there is no recovery in your case, you pay no fee. And in most cases, we even advance the costs. For your free consultation, call 1-866-643-HURT (4878) today.

The Levinson Law Group’s Mission

The Levinson Law Group is dedicated to active participation in the Carlsbad community. Our Mission Statement reflects our dedication and desire to work with the residents of Carlsbad as they continue to make the city a great place to live and work.

  • We work to make Carlsbad a safer community by highlighting the dangers of texting and driving, distracted driving, and drunk or impaired driving. We fight back against reckless drivers who cause harm due to negligence.
  • Our law firm works to support the community through charitable giving and volunteer work.
  • We fight for our clients as they heal from life-altering injuries, standing beside them on their journey toward closure and peace.

Living and Working in Carlsbad, California

Carlsbad has been home to Gordon Levinson since he first moved to North County in 1988. Gordon has been surfing the waves at Tamarack Beach, South Carlsbad State Beach, Ponto, and in front of the Offshore Surf Shop since the 1980’s, and has been a longtime and loyal customer of Witt’s Carlsbad Pipelines since that time. 

Gordon and his family have been regulars at Jay’s Gourmet Italian restaurant at the intersection of Carlsbad Boulevard and Carlsbad Village Drive since it opened its doors in old downtown Carlsbad right across the street from the Carlsbad Inn. Gordon’s family was also recently featured on the cover of La Costa Living Magazine, a local periodical that documents life in the La Costa Oaks community, where the Levinsons have resided for over ten years in the area of South Carlsbad. 

Gordon, through the Max and Anna Levinson Foundation, has donated thousands of dollars in support grants to local Carlsbad schools, such as Mission Estancia Elementary, Digueno Middle School, Carlsbad High School, and Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, as well as to the local synagogue Chabad at La Costa, and other local charities.

As an attorney, Gordon was a partner in the four-lawyer firm Doan, Levinson & Liljegren on Pio Pico Drive in downtown Carlsbad for three years before he founded the Levinson Law Group. He relocated his office to Loker Avenue West, near the old Carlsbad Motor Speedway, for seven years until he purchased his current office suites near the McClellan-Palomar Airport on Balfour Court near the major intersection of El Camino Real and Palomar Airport Road in Carlsbad, CA.

The Levinson Law Group has represented literally thousands of Carlsbad residents over the years, but one case stands out in particular as being among our favorites—mostly because of the client’s medical outcome.  The client was a typical soccer mom who was rear-ended while picking up her kids from school. The impact was significant, and the woman suffered several levels of disc herniation in her cervical spine. After almost two years of agonizing pain, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, acupuncture, and steroid injections, she finally realized that surgery was her only option for living a normal life.

Unsatisfied with her doctors’ recommendation of undergoing a two level spinal fusion procedure with all of its potential side effects, the woman researched and discovered a new procedure called artificial disc replacement surgery, which featured fewer side effects and promised a better long-term prognosis. However, while a one-level disc replacement was approved by the FDA, a two-level procedure —which this Carlsbad woman needed —was not. With little choice, she decided to fly to Europe and undergo the two-level procedure, which was routinely being performed overseas. The best part of this story is that she had a full recovery, the Levinson Law Group negotiated a fantastic settlement for the full policy limits, and she is athletic and strong as ever today.   

Reviews from Carlsbad Personal Injury Clients

The below are real reviews from satisfied clients of the Levinson Law Group:

Gordon and his staff are the best!!! I’ve had bad experiences with attorneys in the past so it was difficult for me to trust another lawyer. Yet you have to have someone who knows how to handle the insurance company’s and doctors if you are to get the treatment you deserve.. In my past experience they are great in the beginning when they get you to sign on with them then there to busy and totally have lost there fake compassion for you.. Not at all with Gordon he truly does care for you and treats you with respect. He talks to you like a real person and his actions prove his not full of crap as many attorneys are!! I’ve never before wrote a review for anyone this is the first time I have and only because this man and his beautiful staff deserve it and truly have won may respect and I want him to do well because he is the real deal and someone I know that I can trust and though I hope I never need his services again I know that my family and I feel much safer knowing there is a good attorney out there… Thank you Gordon for restoring my faith in people,you have a supporter for life!!!

Gordon R. Levinson – Carlsbad, California Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney
Date published: 07/14/2015
5 / 5 stars

Gordon Levinson and the Levinson Law Group are outstanding, competent and compassionate advocates in delicate times when you need law advice. Their integrity and ethics are without question. I cannot recommend this firm highly enough. My family found itself in a very difficult situation when my 9 year-old son was injured when struck by a car. They were incredibly helpful to my family during a very difficult time. In addition to the positive experience we had, I am also aware that their charitable foundation has provided support for local youth and other non-profit organizations through the generous contributions of their foundation to our local community.

Gordon R. Levinson – Carlsbad, California Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney
Date published: 07/14/2015
5 / 5 stars

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When you are injured, you need the support and guidance of a Carlsbad personal injury attorney who cares about you and your family. At the Levinson Law Group, we fight for our clients as they heal from life-altering injuries and progress through healing to gratitude, forgiveness, and ultimately, closure and peace. Contact our office at 1-866-643-HURT (4878) or use our online contact form to ask a question or to schedule a free consultation.

Carlsbad, California: The Village by the Sea

If you have never visited Carlsbad, California, you are missing one of the most beautiful areas in California. Carlsbad is located in northern San Diego County about 87 miles south of Los Angeles and 35 miles north of downtown San Diego.

The city flower for Carlsbad is the Bird-of-Paradise and “paradise” is the perfect word to describe this California seaside city. Carlsbad is known as “The Village by the Sea” because it has retained many of the qualities of a small, intimate community while offering visitors and residents the amenities they desire in a modern city. Carlsbad offers fine dining, exceptional outdoor recreational facilities, world-class shopping, exciting entertainment options, and unique activities and events.  With a breathtaking coastline and clean, uncrowded beaches, Carlsbad is the perfect place to raise a family or sneak away for a relaxing vacation. The city has been named the second most romantic city in America as well as the thirteenth safest city in America.

Carlsbad residents are proud of their community and they are active in preserving the qualities that make Carlsbad a great place to live. One current citizen-led initiative, the Agua Hedionda South Shore Specific Plan, seeks to protect approximately 177 acres of land east of I-5 for agricultural use and public access.  The remaining 27 acres in that area will be used for continued commercial growth by adding additional recreation, entertainment, and shopping facilities to be enjoyed by visitors and residents. A strong sense of community and a desire to protect the qualities that make Carlsbad unique is something that we all share as residents.