“Attorney Levinson gets the job done for his clients. Call him.”

-Mark B.

“Mr. Levinson was able to get me not only the highest amount possible from an insurance company but was also able to get my medical bills lowered, giving ME the most paid out. Thank Gordon, I will praise your lawyer skills from the top of the mountains!”

-Nicholas S.

“My experience with Gordon Levinson is that he competent, genuine, experienced, and concerned. You seek an attorney when you are vulnerable, in a time of need, when you may not be thinking clearly . . . but it’s their job to protect you . . that’s what they do . . . . so you don’t have to be picky and choosy about an attorney, right? Think again. Please . . trust an attorney as much as you would somebody looking after your child. Interview them , ask them questions (what are their expectations). An exceptional attorney will be honest with you. A ‘wanna be’ attorney, who really belongs in sales, will beat around the bush. My experience with Gordon Levinson is that he direct (so as to not confuse things or get you to make decisions you will regret later). I love how he actually listens (yes. . . .I know that’s a tactic to get people to like you so you will write good reviews about them . . my intuition says no ulterior motives here) He not only allows you to talk with no interruptions . . I have a thing or two to learn from him . . .but he even pauses and thinks about what you say. You know what it’s like when you are talking to someone and they are either thinking about the next thing they are going to say or thinking about the best sales pitch. He has showed genuine sympathy and concern about my circumstances and spent a great deal of time and effort on advising me what to do, even after we agreed he was not going to take my case. Very compassionate man. Very experienced. Highly recommended from someone who has had a really horrible experience with injury attorneys.”

-Sioux M.

“Gordon Levinson and the Levinson Law Group are outstanding, competent and compassionate advocates in delicate times when you need law advice. Their integrity and ethics are without question. I cannot recommend this firm highly enough. My family found itself in a very difficult situation when my 9 year-old son was injured when struck by a car. They were incredibly helpful to my family during a very difficult time. In addition to the positive experience we had, I am also aware that their charitable foundation has provided support for local youth and other non-profit organizations through the generous contributions of their foundation to our local community.”

-Lisa C.

“Mr. Levinson is one of the best civil litigation attorneys I have had the pleasure to work with. He is very professional in all his dealings, understands the intricate details of his area of practice, and is well respected and admired in the local community. I trusted him with my own personal injury case after I was no longer an intern in his offices, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results he produced on my behalf. I continue to unequivocally recommend Mr. Levinson to others, including friends and family, and I take it as an honor to have had an opportunity to work with and learn from this man as a law student.”


“I’ve been a client of the Levinson Law Group since mid 2013. I was in a motorcycle accident where I was hit by a guy who ran a red light. I was pretty mangled and decided to get a lawyer. I found LLG by chance, and I’m so glad that I did.

Gordon and his team are extremely competent, caring, reasonable, and genuinely kind people. Gordon is definitely a lawyer of the people and I couldn’t have asked for a better adviser, legally, professionally, and personally. Spending time with Gordon felt like spending time with a cool uncle, and seeing him work inspires confidence. A++”

-David C.

“Gordon Levinson is great at helping evaluate a case and get you the help you need. Good group with a lot of expertise!”


“It is my pleasure to recommend anyone to Gordon Levinson and the Levinson Law Group. I was injured in a motor vehicle accident last October. I ended up in the Emergency Room with a substantial neck injury,a little freaked out and confused by the whole scene. I have a close friend who is an attorney that I contacted and he told me that I should contact Gordon immediately which I did. You talk about a “good call”. Gordon instantly put me at ease and explained the whole process to me. It can be quite overwhelming with all the insurance stuff, police reports, doctor bills, DMV stuff etctera. He sent me to a wonderful Chiropractor and Pain Management Dr. who got me feeling better in no time. It turns out the person who struck me was uninsured. I heard this and I panicked but again, Gordon put me at ease and surprisingly was able to get me a very substantial settlement. Gordon and his staff are a pleasure to work with. They return phone calls promptly, are professional, courteous, and they really care about you and your situation.”

-Ken D.

“I recommend this lawyer to all my friends! He is friendly and very knowledgeable and his staff gets back to you right away. They always know exactly what is going on with your case. Everyone is sympathetic ans supportive, which is exactly what you need when going through legal troubles! My last case I got enough to buy a new car so I am using him again for another case. He is genuinely caring and his staff goes the extra mile for you. You are NEVER just another number. I didn’t have to go to court and Gordon handled everything properly. When there was a glitch-which was in NO WAY his fault-he offered to do the legal work for free-just to get it taken care of. He is not only a lawyer but a man I would like to have as a close friend or a member of my family! I trust him and his his staff as I trust my therapist and my family. I have recommended him several times, and I know one case he did take on. He is very busy, but be persistent With Gordon Levinson and firm you WILL BE with the very best hands. I am so confident with them! He has my 10 star recommendation!”


“I can not thank Gordon enough for the work he did in representing me and my case. He walked me through every detail, making me feel comfortable and reassured along every step of this process. I have the highest faith and trust in him. I would recommend Gordon with very high compliments.”

-Kim M.

“Great attorney.

Mr. Levinson quickly settled my case for policy limits! A very knowledgeable, trustworthy attorney.”


“Awesome! Not only did Gordon win a 6 figure settlement for me, he’s also an honest attorney! Imagine that! His office staff is wonderful and so on top of it, every call I made to them was returned within a day or less. The communication, compassion, & professionalism are outstanding. Also, Levinson Law Group referred me to some of the best doctors in the county. I would not hesitate to use them again, or to refer them to friends and family.”

-Melisa K.

“I engaged the services of Gordon Levinson a few months back after a car accident and it has turned out to be a very positive experience. I am a busy professional and my time is very valuable. I was immediately overwhelmed with all the information from the other accident victims, other insurance companies as well as emergency room and doctor bills. Once I turned by case information over to Gordon, I was free of the intricate process and he has handled ALL of the details. Gordon and the Levinson Law Group staff have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I have since referred a close family friend. She is receiving the same exceptional treatment and service. I highly recommend the services of Gordon Levinson!”


“Gordon knows his stuff and holds nothing back for his clients, I really appreciate his enthusiasm and knowledge of the law!”

-Sean S.

“Mr. Levinson is an extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented, organized and personable attorney. He works very hard at what he does and produces positive results, but more importantly, he always takes the time to make his clients feel relaxed and important, and fully aware of all aspects of their cases. I would highly recommend Gordon Levinson to anyone needing a strong and ethical personal injury attorney.”

-Rachel L.

“Gordon and his staff take care of everything.”

-R. B.

“Gordon Ralph Levinson prompty was able to answer all of my questions. He is polite, informative , and very fast to answer.”


“Outstanding! I have had a couple of lawyers in the past and I must admit that none have even come close to the level of service provided by Gordon…Very informative and never left me hanging..Always was able to reach him and he returns calls promptly without passing the buck…..I always got off the phone wearing a big smile because the guy is that good….If your lawyer is Gordon Levinson, then consider yourself privileged and in the best hands possible….I would recommend him to every person in need of counsel . He truly sets the bar.”


“Most Intelligent, Honest Lawyer I have EVER Met!; Staff always answers your calls or returns ur call right away!; No “big law firm” atmosphere; family type firm; everyone knows you and what is going on w/your case; have referred many times over; never over-sells or lies to get ur business; gives you great referrals to awesome Dr.s; will get you out of pain and back to work as soon as you need to be; don’t hesitate to call because he is the BEST; he has handled 3 cases for me and I got luxury new auto, new furniture, plastic surgery= large amounts of $$$; staff is super friendly and will listen to anything you have to say even if you just need someone to listen or a shoulder to cry on!!; these people are the TOP NOTCH!!; my ever lasting thanks to LEVINSON LAW!!”


“I had an accident and did not know what to do but Mr. Levinson and his crew all made things very good and clear and easily for me. I was very satisfied with all their help and now my case is clear and taken care of. I really recommend any one I know looking for great advice to come to them first. I was very happy i called them first.”


“Very good at what they do, and they do it with a flair.”

-Larry P.

“I recommend Gordon Levinson.I was in a parking lot getting into my vehicle. A car pulled into the space next to me and almost hit me. We exchanged a few words, then his car lurched forward striking me in the knees. He left the scene, but I got his tag number and called the police. There were no witnesses. I thought my case was a slam dunk, but my first attorney failed. Gordon took my case, and though it appeared to be unwinable, he was successful it getting me a significant settlement! He even helped me to recouppe monies from my previous attorney. I found Gordon to be a good listener and a great communicator. He was attentive, kind, compassionate, and reassuring. His firm took me through the process efficiently. Always felt like I was in good hands, and was informed every step of the way. He’s a five star attorney, and his firm is top notch. You’re in good hands with Gordon Levinson!”

-Rick S.