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Burn injuries require immediate attention—both physically and legally. Legal advice from a qualified burn injury lawyer can help you receive the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. If you have been seriously injured, you need a qualified, experienced burn injury attorney such as Gordon Levinson. You may be entitled to a cash settlement for your pain and suffering, medical bills, and other expenses. It is important to seek legal help right away before evidence disappears, memories fade, or the statute of limitations expires.

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A burn is a skin injury caused by:

  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Electricity
  • Chemicals
  • Radiation

Burn injuries can result from car accidents, industrial accidents, explosions, house fires, or some other combustion incident. Serious burns can cause permanent disfigurement, scarring, and even death. They can also cause huge financial, physical, and emotional hardships.

Facts You Should Know About Burn Injuries

Burns are assessed in terms of the amount of body surface area involved and the thickness of the skin that is burned.

There are four levels of burns:

  • First degree burn – Redness and minor pain at the spot of the injury
  • Second degree burn – In addition to redness, the burn fills with a clear fluid, the skin may blister, and more pain is involved
  • Third degree burn – In addition to the above, the burn will char the skin and produce hard scabs that separate from the body. These burns destroy nerve endings, so they are not as painful, but they are much more serious. New skin has to be grafted over the burn area as skin will not regrow on its own.
  • Fourth degree burns – Burns that injure tissues beneath the skin such as muscle or bone.

The United States Fire Administrator reports that every year, 50,000 burn injuries occur that require hospitalization. Men are twice as likely to die from burn injuries as women. 40,000 children are injured and 500 killed by fires each year. Half of these deaths and injuries happen while the children are asleep. It is also estimated that there are around 235 fire deaths in the state of California.

Burns can also cause infections, including pneumonia. Annually, almost 10,000 burn victims die from infections caused by their burns. An average of 25,000 people annually require specialized burn unit attention. If a patient is treated in a specialized burn unit, both survival and outcomes—in regards to scars, contractures, and complications—are remarkably improved.

Compensation for Burn Injury Victims in Southern California

If you have suffered a burn injury, you may need long-term hospitalization, possibly in a specialized burn unit. You may also need scar revision surgery, physical therapy, counseling, and vocational rehabilitation. There may be a long period of time when you are unable to work. You need legal advice and help from a burn injury attorney at an accomplished and reliable law firm to make sure that your settlement covers all of your needs.

Consult the Levinson Law Group in a Free Case Review

At our firm, we represent burn injury victims on a contingency basis. This means that we only charge a fee if we win you a judgment or a cash settlement. Call the Levinson Law Group at (760) 742-5221 to schedule a free consultation with a burn injury lawyer today!


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